Guide to SQL Server Data Tools

24 May 2013
Software News

IT professionals looking for SQL Server 2012 training will most likely learn about SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT). According to SQL Server Pro, the new data management platform has replaced the Business Intelligence Development Studio (BIDS) in the latest version of software. 

The new offering can help IT workers easily manage databases that are onsite or in the cloud, Visual Studio Magazine notes. Experts with the source praise SSDT for enabling the integration of database creation and management tools into one platform. 

Flexible database development 
According to the source, developers and IT managers have more options for database creation with the SSDT features. By using the declarative model included in the software, users can now design a database while staying offline. Also, new source controls let developers save previous versions of a database configuration. 

Testing feature
A Microsoft blog reports that the company received a considerable amount of customer feedback regarding to need for database testing applications. Due to demand, SSDT for SQL Server 2012 comes with a database unit test option. The company states that it is similar to the Visual Studio 2010 DB Pro Tools application used in the last version of SQL Server. 

Power Tools
The 2012 edition of the software features many Power Tools that users of past versions marked as being helpful. Included in this package is Project Node, which allows users to easily browse database schema in order to edit, refactor and add objects, according to Microsoft. Script As is also contained in the Power Tools setup, which can help developers craft scripts for the Create, Drop, and Alter functions. DAC actions are also available in the tool set, which enables IT professionals to extract dacpacs from online databases. Microsoft notes that the DAC actions feature applies to both SQL Server and Windows Azure SQL databases.

The source also states that more than 50 software-related bugs have been fixed in the latest version, most of which were reported by users. 

SQL Server is a useful business collaboration tool. Companies all over the world use the software to manage important data sets, meaning that IT professionals on the job hunt would be wise to ensure they fully understand the program.

Participating in Microsoft certification courses is a great way to make a resume look attractive. These classes can be taken online as well, which can be convenient for IT workers on tight schedules. 

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