Benefits of SQL Server 2012 for businesses

23 May 2013

Companies across the world are turning to Microsoft's SQL Server to help with day-to-day operations, increasing the demand for Microsoft training. The latest version of the software giant's server has helped many firms save by reducing the need for future hardware upgrades.

Kathryn Hawkins, CIO of Australia's ME Bank was recently highlighted by CIO Magazine for the innovative tech efforts she has spearheaded at her company. Part of her strategy for IT overhaul has been implementing Windows Server 2012 and SQL Server. ME Bank uses the Microsoft products to manage core banking platforms, showing that these offerings can be trusted to run mission critical applications. The source noted that ME Bank has been able to reduce the need for upgrades with the products and expects to see a boost in efficiency by using Microsoft's business tools. 

Specifically, there are several advantages for businesses that implement SQL Server. Rightpoint highlighted some of the main benefits that come with integrating SQL Server 2012 into a company's operations.

Data Visualized
According to the source, the software's new Power View feature can help businesses visualize data quickly and easily. The tool allows users to extract data onto PowerPoint, which makes it easy for employees to setup a solid visual display for meetings and seminars. 

Disaster recovery
The 2012 version comes with a quality disaster recovery service, Rightpoint stated. It can help businesses recover important information that may have been lost due to a malfunction. Also, it can reduce the overall downtime when systems do fail. As the source noted, this makes it possible for companies to use SQL Server to manage mission critical data, as ME Bank has done. 

Users of SQL Server 2012 have the option to place data on private or cloud servers. Both of these platforms can be used simultaneously and interact with each other, allowing information to be easily shared and moved. It enables IT professionals to expand on SQL Server platforms in the future. 

For aspiring IT professionals, investing in SQL Server 2012 training is useful. Many companies are implementing the technology into their business operations, which means there is a demand for IT workers that are capable of dealing with the software. 

According to a case study conducted by Microsoft, The Weather Channel saves over 160 hours in productivity per month by using SQL Server 2012. This shows that the software is extremely viable as a business solutions tool. 

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