SharePoint Online released after customer feedback

10 May 2013
Software News

SharePoint training may be needed for even experienced IT professionals, as SharePoint Online (SPO) was recently released by Microsoft. The component of the company's revamped Office 365 product features several changes and improvements based on the feedback of beta testers, according to The Next Web.

Among the new features is an increase in the number of ways in which users can share data internally, externally and even anonymously. Cloud usage has reportedly expanded as well, with developers no longer being limited in what they can transmit to and from cloud servers with SPO and Office 365. 

Microsoft also said the public website in SPO has been adapted. Now, it is more customizable with social media apps, blogging and SEO tracking tools included in the new version. The public website can also taken offline, which may be necessary to do when sites are under construction. 

The latest SharePoint developments are certainly impressive and exciting for business leaders, as the new features should make it an even more efficient collaboration tool than before. Apart from the online version, SharePoint 2013 has some impressive innovations built in, according to CIO Magazine. The source said all IT professionals should be aware of the changes. Taking additional SharePoint classes may be needed to gain proficiency in the 2013 version. 

Improved web design
Several new features make designing a professional looking website much easier. Instead of having to use complicated style sheets and designer assets, SharePoint users with knowledge of HTML and CSS can create a good looking public or private site in no time at all. CIO Magazine notes that this can help businesses reduce support costs. 

Easier transition now possible
It can be frustrating for users to switch to a new program. Some features work differently or may have been eliminated, creating a major learning curve for those who have upgraded. Luckily for those loyal to SharePoint, a new feature labeled "deferred site collection upgrade" allows users to run sites from the 2010 version on the 2013 product. This makes it easier to establish what is compatible with the latest software and what is not. Now, workers can take SharePoint 2013 training classes while using the system without a decline in productivity. 

The latest changes to Microsoft's SharePoint programs should provide users with an even better product than before. Trusted business tools, SPO and SharePoint 2013 make worker collaboration easier than ever.  

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