Revamped search feature a big plus of SharePoint 2013

Microsoft SharePoint has long been a productive business communications tool, however, it may have just become even better. The 2013 version includes a re-hauled search platform that makes locating files and documents easier than it was in previous editions of the program. 

CMSWire noted that in 2008, Microsoft bought out Fast Search & Transfer ASA for a $1.2 billion. Now, it has fully integrated the Fast Start feature pioneered by the startup into its latest SharePoint product. Since 2008, Microsoft has invested significant money and time into improving and building on the Fast Search feature, the source says. 

The 2013 version of SharePoint now enables cross-site searching, in which files and documents can be indexed from various sources with the help of third party applications. Knowing the ins and outs of SharePoint is necessary for IT professionals looking to include these features in their companies' collaborations. SharePoint 2013 training courses should be taken by IT managers so they can become proficient with the latest features. 

Query suggestions and document previews have also been included into Fast Search. The revamped query input now provides predictive suggestions and the ability to hover over a result for a full file preview, presenting just one more way in which SharePoint search is working harder for its users. 

The comprehensive nature of SharePoint has meant that in earlier versions, crawls had to be scheduled in order for content to be searchable, CMSWire noted It was a time consuming and frustrating process that severely inhibited productivity. This is a thing of the past with SharePoint 2013, as Microsoft has created a continuous crawl feature that will index documents and files as you go. It should boost production for IT workers and employees by eliminating the burdensome need to schedule crawls.

What's next for SharePoint
SharePoint's new search features have certainly made it a more attractive choice for business leaders and many are already wondering what's next for the partnership software. 

Fierce Content Management speculated that the program's use on mobile devices will increase. The source predicts that future versions and updates to SharePoint will focus on making it easier to use with smartphones, a particularly exciting development for executives were it to happen. 

As new features come to SharePoint in the ever-changing tech world, the need for IT professionals to take Microsoft certification courses will grow. Online training is a great way for technology professionals and executives to achieve certification from anywhere.  

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