Training on new SharePoint features is needed for IT professionals

26 April 2013
Software News

Microsoft SharePoint is one of the leading business integration programs on the market. The 2010 edition of the company's business communication tool was widely lauded for user satisfaction regarding collaboration and site features.

According to CMS 80 percent of online SharePoint users who deployed site features last year said they were satisfied with the functions offered. Also, 73 percent of users who installed the software said they found the service to be useful and easy to access. In fact, most of the features that CMS measured displayed high levels of user satisfaction, showcasing SharePoint's positive effect on business activities. 

Improvements made
However, Microsoft has attempted to make the 2013 edition of the software even better. Many features have been amended in order to make the user experience easier than it has ever been. 

Mobile use was limited in the 2010 edition, but the latest program offers several upgrades aimed at making it easier to access SharePoint content on various devices. However, it will increase the need for SharePoint training.  

Susan Hanley, a SharePoint solutions firm, released a report that there are more choices when it comes to mobile interface design, which should make it more convenient for users to access information on various smartphones and tablets. Microsoft's Office apps have also been made available to mobile SharePoint users, enabling workers to access Word, PowerPoint and Excel via the program. 

One of the most noticeable changes to this year's SharePoint software is the revamped search engine. Susan Hanley's report noted that the interface is much more sophisticated than it was in the previous edition. The program now is able to recall what users have searched for in the past and marks documents that have been recently opened. It also shows the number of times a particular article has been accessed. 

Another exciting development is the addition of various capabilities to the social computing platform. Every user now has a NewsFeed similar to a Facebook feed, Susan Hanley says. The platform is also interactive with Twitter and can implement hashtags​ and mentions to notify users of when relevant content in their area added to the network. 

With so many new features, SharePoint 2013 training sessions will be in demand. Online courses are a great way for IT professionals to brush up on the latest developments with the software so they are ready to implement the features into their respective offices.

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