How analytics can help better handle the workforce

25 May 2015

In the past few years, business analysis training and big data courses have become a bit more highly demanded – and for good reason – as the average firm is contending against major talent gaps and skills shortages. Analytics have been found to bolster the effectiveness of decision-making within both short-term and long-standing strategies, and more entities are now beginning to embrace the technology for human resources-related needs. 

However, companies will simply not be able to get the most out of these technologies should they not have employees with the proper skills sets to manage and optimize them, which is why certifications and training are so critical. After all, when investing in a powerful, novel tool that comes with the promise of eradicating waste and driving the overall success of operations across departments, businesses ought to recognize the value of having the right knowledge in-house to handle solution and boost returns. 

Real advantages
TechTarget recently explained some of the ways in which the City of Edmonton has improved its workforce management performances through the use of HR analytics, affirming that the rapid-growing population of the area has put the onus on the government to grow as well. According to the news provider, the HR department in the city already manages 10,000 staff members, and needed a method to ensure the most effective handling of employees. 

The department found its answer in the form of HR analytics, and Edmonton's leaders affirmed that this was a very progressive and advantageous pursuit. 

"We're growing fast. Just look at the building inspector," Kirsten Anderson, lead of the Edmonton HR reporting and analytics department, told TechTarget. "You have to have a permit to build and the city doesn't want to hold up a permit because the department could be short-staffed. That department can incur OT. So we have to be responsive to the hiring and overtime balance. With HR analytics, we're in a much better place."

Harnessing the power
Other types of entities can expect to enjoy similar advantages following the successful deployment of HR analytics solutions, but only if the professionals tasked with managing these tools are prepared and properly educated. Big data and business analysis training can be a highly helpful tool that fits neatly into the deployment of analytics technologies, ensuring that the firm can indeed capitalize on these investments right from the start. 

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