5 IT trends for aspiring professionals to know in 2015

4 March 2015

Whether you're aspiring to become an IT professional or going through Microsoft training, it's important to keep up on IT trends. 

Here are five trends anyone interested in technology should know about: 

1. The Internet of Things
The Internet of Things has been a widely expanding concept and also a controversial one. It is expected to be more prominent in the industrial and operational world, according to Forbes, and consumers will be seeing computers embedded in more products. However, this has caused concern in the world of cybersecurity – products related to the IoT have yet to be heavily studied by cybersecurity professionals and there's concern that they will lack the updates they need for protection from hackers. This means that the technology that allows consumers to lock their doors remotely could potentially be hacked. There has been a huge surge for research in this trend, and IT professionals have the opportunity to do it themselves. 

2. Automation
Information Week reported that cloud services have reduced the cost of data archiving for companies. However, the cloud hasn't provided enough speed for businesses, so they will be looking for automation that provides more efficiency and less human error. Customers and employees appreciate this kind of tool, and a resource such as invoice automation has provided a way for workers to know when data was received, therefore avoiding any discrepancies. This is just one example of automation in the business world. 

3. Big Data
Professionals in the world of big data, specifically, will be heavily sought after, according to Information Week. Since big data has been a prominent tool for many corporations, professionals with big data expertise will begin to emerge. This development will help evolve products, insights and service availability for big data. 

4. Smart machines
Forbes reported that electronics will evolve with help from analytics and new ideas of how they can help the public in certain contexts. This means that personal assistants, robots and autonomous vehicles will become more prominent. It's not hard to imagine – smartphones are already capable of answering owners' queries and following their directions. 

5. Software-defined infrastructure
Programming will evolve to be more flexible for the business world, according to Forbes. Digital businesses will affect the way software is made, and networking, storage, cybersecurity and data centers will follow their lead to develop new programs. 

These trends are certain to become more prominent in 2015 and will affect the way businesses and IT professionals work. 

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