Are small businesses prepared for modern IT?

12 December 2014

Although the average entrepreneur has already been using advanced technology for several years now, the question remains if these firms can keep pace with the constant and speedy innovation flooding in from the IT sector. There are myriad matters that must be reconciled in this discussion, but small business server training should certainly be among the top priorities in the entrepreneurial industry given the ways in which new solutions are impacting infrastructure. 

One of the main reasons why advanced analytics and intelligence solutions were not all that common among small businesses in the past was always traced back to budget, but this does not mean that a lack of expertise in IT matters did not also hold entrepreneurs back from enjoying these investments. So, with the right type of small business server training and other educational procedures for IT matters, these firms can begin to better position themselves to succeed in the digitally driven markets of the future. 

Big data rising
Biztech Magazine recently reported that more than 300,000 small and medium-sized firms in the United States are already using business intelligence solutions that are based in cloud computing environments. Now, remember here that the cloud has effectively helped service providers reduce the costs of the investment for clientele, while simultaneously enabling stronger, more dramatic functionality with the passing of each year. 

This means that those firms which could not muster up the budget to invest in traditional intelligence solutions are now granted the opportunity to do so with modern options, but will still need the right expertise to get the job done. With respect to the importance of embracing these technologies in the small business sector, the source noted that it is becoming more imperative to compete with others in the market – including larger counterparts – and must be taken seriously soon. 

Will training rise?
IT training investments have certainly moved on an upward track for several years now, driven by the enhanced need for modern expertise in a range of matters. Small business owners who invest in empowering their IT departments through Sharepoint certification, SQL training and other forms of education will likely enjoy far smoother deployments and higher returns on investments as the years progress. 

With respect to big data's rapid spread across this sector, server training and relevant material should be covered in these programs. 

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