MS Dynamics updates attract new investment

14 August 2014

In an effort to streamline cloud compatibility, software development leader Microsoft recently announced that it plans on releasing updates to its Microsoft Dynamics family. Although the enhanced programs are expected to be workable, a new beta version of Project Siena may lead many professionals to invest in Microsoft certification courses.

According to Sci-Tech Today, the new Dynamics AX, an improved enterprise resource planning solution, will include a fresh end-to-end applications and services framework, as well as a do-it-yourself creation tool. The source claimed that the program was showcased at the Microsoft Dynamics Convergence 2014 conference in Atlanta, Ga., and is scheduled for a May 1 release in on-premises and Azure cloud options. 

In addition, Microsoft will release an application that allows machine operators to report progress on manufacturing projects with any touch-capable Windows device. As many of these professionals may be unfamiliar with the software, Microsoft training might be on their agendas. 

One of the most anticipated programs is Project Siena, which allows business analysts, consultants and other experts to develop their own applications for mobile devices without having to possess knowledge of coding. The news source noted that anyone with rudimentary experience with PowerPoint or Excel will be able to create customized tools catering to their specific needs.

Bringing and old business into a new age 
MSDynamicsWorld reported that Woodcraft Supply, one of the United States' oldest and greatest providers of woodworking tools and provisions, recently implemented Dynamics AX to replace its legacy ERP program. Describing the latter solution as a conglomerate of alienated systems, Ryan Knost, the organization's director of business applications and technology, stated they were looking to consolidate information processes. 

As the company already possessed a Microsoft training course for its on-premise deployments, Knost and his associates believed that AX would be a good fit. The director told the source that the company's primary objective is to integrate all of Woodcraft's departments into a single system enabling them to share data and obtain visibility of all information. 

"If all goes according to plan, the new ERP will easily replace the five or so different pieces of software that the company had been using previously," the article noted. 

Knost stated that Dynamics AX will ultimately undertake a number of the manual processes that have taken valuable time out of employee workdays. Once the developmental period is finished by the fall of this year, he hopes to pursue ambitious projects the company simply didn't have the time to embark on. 

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