Windows Server provides automated cloud tools users want

2 June 2014

Microsoft training for Windows Server may increase among IT professionals in 2014, as enterprises start to shift their cloud strategies to implement new technologies. In the last several years, cloud systems have become more common at organizations across the world. Although this spike in adoption has made companies more agile, the cloud is still a relatively young platform. For this reason, many firms are tweaking their cloud infrastructures to create more useful solutions. 

One of the top priorities CIOs face in cloud integration is ensuring virtual systems are secure. A significant amount of IT resources and funding goes to protecting networks and the cloud environments that are associated with them. In fact, Help Net Security recently predicted that 2014 will bring major changes to the cloud security landscape. In particular, the source noted that the use of automated security tools will become more common, as IT leaders look to put resources in place to allow for constant monitoring. 

This means that cloud vendors and product manufacturers capable of integrating automated features for cloud software could see increased business in 2014. This is why Microsoft could become an even more central player in the enterprise software sector.

Windows Sever brings automation
The company has a number of systems and products that are easily to integrate with cloud architectures. One of the systems that is especially conducive to cloud usage is Microsoft Windows Server. Alba, one of the world's largest aluminum companies in the world, recently implemented Windows Server because its such a comprehensive cloud solution. Moreover, one of the primary factors behind Alba's decision to leverage Windows Server was that the platform offers a number of automated tools. 

Not only could this be beneficial for security purposes, but Alba officials indicated the use of Windows Server has been boosted productivity and reduced IT expenses. 

"The deployment of the Cloud OS and Hypervisor had already helped reduce work hours by 75 percent and IT production cost by 25 percent through its reliable uptime information services," said Esam Hadi, information technology manager for Alba. "We are gaining tremendous efficiencies, which translate into more time to innovate for company growth."

As more CIOs start to understand how useful Windows Server and Microsoft cloud products can be, IT professionals pursuing Microsoft certification courses will be well placed to gain employment in the growing field. Potentially, understanding how Windows Server works could set a job applicant apart from the pack. 

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