Surface Pro 2 shows laptop-tablet hybrids can work

26 May 2014

Tech manufactures across the world have embraced the mobile boom with full force in recent years. As both consumers and professionals start to increase their use of cutting-edge mobile systems, technology vendors are finding it necessary to keep producing and tweaking smartphones and tablets to meet consumer demands. 

One company that has proven to be a leader in mobile technology is Microsoft. From a host of useful connected software services such as SharePoint to the development of tablets and smartphones, Microsoft has established itself as a major force in the mobile market, which is why Microsoft training for mobile solutions is in demand among IT leaders. 

In fact, the company has been so successful in terms of mobile innovation that it has managed to accomplish a task many leading tech manufacturers have failed to do: Create a useful and intuitive laptop-tablet hybrid. 

In a recent article for CNET, Brooke Crothers noted that his experience with Microsoft's hybrid Surface Pro 2 has been a positive one. In particular, Crothers indicated that the quality of the tablet is far superior to that of other hybrid mobile products, including the first Surface Pro. 

Features set Surface Pro 2 apart
Compared to its predecessor, the Surface Pro 2 has a better keyboard, features enhanced battery life and stays significantly cooler. These seemingly minor advantages add up to make a much more engaging and usable device than other tablets and mobile products currently on the market. 

Also, Crothers found that the Surface Pro 2 is incredibly fast. That top-level speed is made possible by the powerful U series Core i5 processor included in the device's design. Although the powerful chip requires a cooling fan, making the Surface Pro 2 thicker than most tablets, it doesn't limit the product's functionality.

"It feels just as quick as my 13-inch MacBook Pro Retina – which uses a higher performance Core i5 (and is much heavier). And that's really important to me when doing work-related "productivity" tasks that require a lot of horsepower," Crothers wrote. 

Other tech writers have backed up Crother's claim the the PC-tablet hybrid is an incredibly useful tool for professionals {include the s in the link}. In fact, PCGamesN's Tim Edwards labeled the Surface Pro 2, "the most flexible and unique bit of hardware I've ever used." 

With such rave reviews, business leaders should consider using the Surface Pro 2 and other Microsoft products to enter the mobile landscape. With the right Microsoft certification courses, IT professionals can integrate SharePoint, Lync and other mobile-enabled Microsoft programs into their organizations tech strategy. Doing so will allow them to take full advantage of the powerful and dynamic Surface Pro 2. 

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