Small businesses could benefit from Microsoft training

20 May 2014

Over the past year, Microsoft has sought to make its products more sophisticated, usable and affordable. CEO Satya Nadella has made a push for mobile and cloud integration with all current and future products, particularly Office 365. These developments have convinced some small business professionals that enrolling their staff in Microsoft certification courses may work to their benefit.

Cheaper to implement 
Even software specialists who were previously unimpressed with Microsoft Office, such as CNET contributor Rick Broida, have lauded Office 365 as the best mail client/information manager enterprises can invest in. The critic ascertained that home- and small-business users would benefit particularly well from the solution's notable applications.

The merchandiser's version includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and Outlook, which are accompanied by both 32- and 64-bit files. Service Pack 1 is rolled into the offer. One of the most appealing features of Tech Supply King's deal is that users don't have to pay an annual subscription fee of $100 upon purchasing the solution. Although the 2013 Home and Business edition typically costs just under $220, Tech Supply King is offering the suite as a single license for $104.99.

Easy installation, 21st-century tools 
Small Business Computing conducted a thorough review of Office 365 Small Business Premium, touting it as a step past the rudimentary deployment option typically offered by Microsoft. Unlike it's predecessors, SBP contains cloud-based tools and mobile applications that enable users to share and connect with coworkers, clients and customers. The model reaffirms Nadella's commitment to cloud computing, and is sure to incite increased enrollment in Microsoft training programs. 

One of the most popular features of this system is its provisions for mobile devices users. Each employee who signs up will receive a license key for the desktop version of Office 365, as an account login that will give him or her the luxury of downloading applications for viewing and editing documents on Windows Phone, Android, BlackBerry and iOS smartphones and tablets. 

Workers who may be unfamiliar with cloud technology need not fear. First-time Office 365 SBP users are given access to Microsoft's OneDrive for Business service, a cloud storage system providing each employee with 25GB of space, which is a valuable asset for those with numerous files to have.

Small Business Computing generally favored the solution, with will likely prompt enterprise leaders to get their employees acclimated to the system by enrolling them in Microsoft training. 

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