IT employers express need for certified workers

12 May 2014

As of late, the United States economy seems to be experiencing an upswing. According to Forbes, a report released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics showed that 288,000 jobs were added in April – 80,000 more than expert economists had originally predicted. In addition, the unemployment rate fell by 0.4 percent, the lowest it's been since before the Great Recession. 

So why is it that managed IT services providers and company CIOs feel as if there aren't enough professionals out there to fill open positions? Many of them have alluded to a severe lack of qualified applications, meaning that a fair number of prospects should consider enrolling in SQL training in order to gain in-depth experience with specific server solutions. 

Bouncing back 
At the turn of the economic collapse, many U.S. constituents believed that investing in four-year, six-figure educations would be too much of a risk. Interest rates weren't good, so taking out loans to pay for school seemed like quite a daunting task. That means that young people who, hypothetically, could have been working in the IT industry today didn't put in the necessary capital to gain an education in computer science. However, the fact that market activity is picking up yet again is a good sign. 

In addition, it's important to remember that qualified IT professionals may have left the country for greener pastures. Dan North, chief economist at Euler Hermes North America, told Forbes that a part of the reason why the unemployment rate fell is because the labor force shrunk. 

Getting certified, entering the workforce 
That doesn't change the fact that IT specialists are in high demand. In a survey of 305 IT firms by nonprofit organization CompTIA, over 50 percent of all respondents stated they currently have job openings, with 29 percent of those positions being for network engineers. Approximately 39 percent of the positions offered are set to be filled by application developers.

As far as the latter contingency is concerned, Microsoft training could benefit those applying for app development positions. Many organizations in the U.S. consider Microsoft products to be the business standard, leading many of them to adopt compatible programs or tools. 

In the end, an overwhelming majority (four in five) survey participants claimed that recruiting is extremely difficult, primarily due to the fact that it's hard to determine whether or not an individual is qualified in particular areas. Getting certified is a way for a person to notify potential employers that he or she has a specific set of skills that an entire company can ultimately benefit from. 

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