SharePoint primed for growth as small businesses ramp up mobile spending

4 May 2014

Companies across the world are starting to understand just how vital mobile solutions are to success. Executives have embraced telework solutions in order to reduce internal spending on IT hardware, while businesses have continued to adopt cloud and remote access systems to connect to global clients. 

Another reason this market is booming is because more people own smartphones and tablets than ever before. In fact, the use of these on-the-go devices will likely increase in the coming years. 

Although the consumer sector has been lucrative for wireless and mobile gadget manufacturers, enterprises are one of the biggest adopters of new mobile solutions. More specifically, small businesses are starting to implement smartphones and tablets into their operations. 

According to UCStrategies, a recent report from AMI-Partners found that $8 out of every $10 spent on mobile IT by North American organizations this year will come from small businesses.

That's a significant percentage considering the budgets many small companies have. Unlike large corporations, startups typically are more conservative when it comes to technology. However, the widespread adoption of mobile tools shows just how useful and in-demand these products are to companies of all sizes.

Although it's a positive development, simply purchasing new smartphones and tablets will do little to make a startup more productive or efficient. Rather, the software and programs that power these devices will be the difference between these investments being worthwhile or not. 

How SharePoint fits in
One tool that small businesses should consider to optimize their mobile IT spending is Microsoft SharePoint. Unlike many other content management systems, SharePoint is well-suited for mobile applications. In an article for Cloud Tweaks, Paragon Solutions' Jim Kane indicated that SharePoint files are easy to access on mobile products

More importantly, he asserted that SharePoint is compatible with most major mobile operating systems, making it a truly comprehensive solution. Apple iOS, Android and Windows 8.1 all enable SharePoint access. 

Small business leaders who are interested in leveraging SharePoint should consider taking Microsoft certification courses, or at least allowing their IT members to do so. By taking formal classes, tech professionals can prepare themselves to launch SharePoint in a mobile setting. It will allow their organizations to embrace the future of IT by giving workers more access to networks. 

If an employee is working on the road, SharePoint is one of the most useful file sharing and collaboration solutions to keep a traveler connected to the office. In a world where barriers to foreign markets are shrinking, SharePoint is a must. 

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