Microsoft training courses will have cloud-related classes

28 April 2014

It's become apparent that cloud computing is more than just a buzzword used by IT professionals. As more businesses continue to invest in the technology, the cloud is becoming an integral part of of the IT sector. Microsoft has responded to this trend by optimizing its products and introducing lessons pertaining Software-as-a-Service into Microsoft training courses. 

A rising industry 
This shift in curriculum content is appropriate, given the conclusions of experts scrutinizing the significance of cloud technology – particularly public deployments. Half a decade ago, companies and IT industry participants alike regarded the cloud as experimental. Now, many are singing a different tune and consider the solution to be an integral part of contemporary enterprise infrastructures. 

A study conducted by Forrester noted that the public cloud market is predicted to reach $191 billion by 2020. Last year, the sector leveled at $58 billion. Increased development of cloud-compatible software applications is expected to drive the majority of this growth. 

The figures presented by Forrester are relevant to Microsoft's OneDrive provision, as the offer follows the SaaS model. Due to the prospect of more businesses investing in public cloud solutions, it's likely that Microsoft certification courses will consist of classes aimed at educating potential OneDrive users in the technology. The concept of cloud computing is foreign to many business employees, so instructing them on how to best interact with the system is necessary.

Not just for enterprises 
According to Web Host Industry Review, Microsoft is looking to assist its partners in bringing more small and medium-sized businesses into the cloud environment by developing Cloud SureStep, an educational program geared toward educating SMBs about how the technology works and how it can improve their operations. 

"Cloud SureStep is the one-stop resource built within our MPN website to help our partners establish, grow and thrive in the cloud," said Small and Medium Business, Worldwide SMS&P Vice President Thomas Hansen, as quoted by the source. "SureStep puts resources such as white papers, product information and access to relevant training, as well as ways to connect with communities."

This initiative reinforces Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella's push for cloud technology. It's possible that the offer may convince SMB owners to reconsider their initial apprehension regarding the cloud and enroll their personnel in SureStep or a similar Microsoft training course. Lessons in Office 365, Microsoft Azure and Intune were also noted to be included in SureStep. 

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