Microsoft training for Lync is beneficial for contact center professionals

22 April 2014

Modern contact center configurations are vastly different from more traditional setups seen in the pas. Legacy contact center solutions were usually confined to telephony services. However, more consumers today are demanding to have access to more customer service tools, which has forced contact center leaders to change what communication channels they offer. 

Aspect Software recently surveyed 2,500 American adult consumers and found that 77 percent of companies that offer multiple contact center mediums are easier to do business with. Also, 74 percent think these firms offer superior service compared to enterprises that have a single call center channel. 

This shows that state-of-the-art contact center software products – such as Microsoft Lync – are likely to be in high demand in the coming years. As a result, industry professionals are well advised to invest in Microsoft training, which gives them the skills they need to use such useful software. 

Changing customer service landscape
The advent of cloud and mobile technologies as made the modern consumer much more agile. They are no longer confined to using a single contact source. Rather, social media, mobile apps and other innovative tech solutions are becoming increasingly common in the daily lives of Americans. 

Despite the importance of the call center being overlooked by businesses for many years, Call Centre Clinic suggested that the shifting contact dynamic will force companies to pay closer attention to their call center infrastructures in the coming years. In most cases, consumers only contact a call center as a last resort, the source noted, so it's important for service agents to meet the needs of a caller or risk losing their business. However, without the right technology, consumer's concerns will not be addressed in timely manner, which will do little to boost customer retention rates. 

"When customers finally communicate with the contact center it is because they literally have reached the end of the line," Sarah Stealey Reed of ICMI told the source. "So, that interaction with the agent needs to be fantastic or this might very well be the last time you will ever hear from that customer again."

Learning about Lync is more convenient than most call center professionals may think. A number of reputable IT training companies offer online Microsoft certification courses that can help them get up to speed with Lync. 

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