Lync provides cost savings for UC users

7 April 2014

More companies are starting to invest in unified communication (UC) platforms as they look for ways to streamline operations. By integrating VoIP, instant messaging and conferencing systems onto a single interface, enterprise leaders are able to provide employees with the tools they need to increase collaboration in the workplace. 

For this reason, many IT professionals have been investing in Microsoft training for the company's reputable Lync software. The tech vendor's program is one of the most popular enterprise-ready UC platforms on the market. According to IT-TNA, Microsoft officials have reported substantial growth in Lync sales during the last year. At the company's most recent quarterly earnings meeting, it was announced that Lync revenue increased 30 percent in the last year, making the software a $1 billion product. 

The source reported that a number of technology distributors have indicated that UC is becoming the biggest source of business, with Lync sales leading the charge. In fact, one seller noted that Microsoft is one of the most cost-effective UC solutions on the market, which has attracted business from enterprises that traditionally operate on tight budgets, including high schools and colleges. 

School benefits from Lync
One higher education institution that has seen a positive return on investment from Lync adoption is the Georgia Military College (GMC). In 2011, the school started using Lync, Ed Tech Magazine reported. It was a natural move for the college to make, as it had previously used Microsoft's legacy Office Communications Server, which was a precursor to Lync. 

"Eliminating the cost of maintaining landlines was the major driver at first for using OCS and then Lync," the school's Lync Administrator Ryan Chambers told the source. "But we're also happy with all the things that we can do with it, such as desktop and application sharing."

Some UC critics are often skeptical about whether the technology is able to help organizations reduce spending. If GMC's numbers are evidence of a greater trend, then those hesitant to adopt UC may want to rethink their investment strategies. The source noted that Chambers said VoIP systems operated via Lync provided 30 to 40 percent cost savings compared to the school's old telephony system. 

The low cost of UC is what makes the technology such an attractive investment for many enterprise leaders. In turn, the need for UC has increased the demand for Microsoft certification courses for Lync. 

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