Microsoft Azure fits into increasingly secure cloud environment

19 March 2014

Since the advent of cloud technology, many business leaders have been hesitant to invest in cloud platforms due to perceived security risks. Although those concerns were well-founded, particularly regarding public cloud systems, recent advances in cloud technology have made the environment a more secure place. 

As a result, more IT professionals may be looking to take Microsoft training courses for the company's cloud-based software, Azure, which supports SharePoint. 

Recent reports suggest that the cloud is not only becoming a safer medium for data storing and sharing, but it may actually enhance corporate network protection. As news spreads regarding how cloud technology can improve enterprise security, adoption rates may skyrocket. 

According to The Global State of Information Security Survey 2014 from CIO Magazine, CSO Magazine and PwC, 47 percent of businesses are using the technology. Of those respondents operating in the cloud, 59 percent reported that their platforms are more secure

Small business benefit
When it comes to small businesses, the security improvements appear to be even more impressive. A similar survey conducted by Microsoft recently found that 94 percent of small business leaders saw security benefits with new cloud implementations that were not possible with older on-site solutions. In particular, vendors have robust antivirus and spam email tools that simplify security management. 

Despite the advantages that cloud systems bring regarding security, the survey also indicated many small business owners cite data security concerns as the top factor for those avoiding cloud technology. This shows that the truth about cloud security systems is largely unknown among smaller firms. 

However, savvy small business executives may be willing to invest in the cloud if they become aware of the benefits. 

A good starting point for cloud systems is Microsoft Azure. The platform allows SQL Server and SharePoint operations to function on the cloud, which is beneficial in the modern workplace that is built on enterprise mobility. 

Because these systems are easy to integrate, Azure configurations are simple to set up and can provide businesses with a solid cloud platform to build on. By taking a few Microsoft certification courses, IT professionals will have the skills they need to launch and manage an Azure system. 

Interested tech workers and IT managers can access online classes that make the learning process much easier. These courses are available at convenient times for busy employees and many web-based classes are guaranteed to run. 

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