The cloud can keep business going when winter storms come through

20 February 2014

Businesses across the United States have found it challenging to stay productive in recent months, as a string of strong winter storms have kept workers at home and out of the office. For many companies, this has been a major drain on productivity, which has negatively impacted the bottom line. 

As a result, organizations are starting to realize how important it is to have business continuity plans in place. More specifically, companies now understand the power of remote access and telework solutions. 

While there are many ways to implement these technologies, few channels are as powerful as the cloud in this regard. When connected to a unified communications (UC) platform, cloud architectures make it possible for businesses to leverage a number of collaborative channels that employees can easily access from their home. This way, they can stay productive, even if a blizzard rages outside. 

UC and remote connectivity 
In fact, the Birmingham Business Journal recently reported that a number of UC technologies can and should be used to keep employees connected to the office when storms come through a given region. From video conferencing systems for meetings to simple instant messaging accounts, UC channels offer a great way for employees to stay in touch when they are unable to get to the office. With such an aggressive winter, the companies that already have these systems in place are starting to understand how useful cloud-based UC is becoming. 

The market for cloud technology has been booming in recent years, as private, public and hybrid solutions continue to become more popular. However, data suggests that app-based models such as UC platforms will drive an increase in cloud adoption in the coming years. 

According to Research and Markets, the global cloud app industry will expand at a compound annual growth rate of more than 15 percent between 2013 and 2018. 

Microsoft solutions
With Microsoft training for Lync, IT professionals can help configure and manage a complex cloud-based UC program that allows users to share and store large amount of data. More importantly, the service makes it possible for employees to access a number of different communication channels while on the go. These services are capable of integrating with mobile devices, as well as a number of other useful collaborative programs from Microsoft, making Lync one of the best UC solutions on the market. 

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