Traditional IT certifications can help tech workers land cloud jobs

9 December 2013

The cloud is taking over the modern workplace, forcing employees in all fields and sectors to become comfortable with the cloud on some level. For IT professionals, the shift has been particularly noticeable, which has forced many industry workers to invest in programs such as Microsoft training for cloud technologies. 

Certainly, the proliferation of cloud platforms in the business environment means that tech professionals do indeed need to brush up on their cloud knowledge. However, favoring cloud learning too heavily over more traditional IT training programs could be detrimental for industry job applicants. Many industry professionals fail to realize that although the cloud is an emerging technology, it relies on other infrastructure tools to operate. Without the right knowledge of network configuration and management, for example, a server room employee will probably not be able to establish an effective cloud platform. 

Employment opportunities with diverse skills
In fact, it's so imperative for tech professionals to be able to understand traditional IT functions in order to operate in the cloud that David Linthicum of InfoWorld recently stated that limited knowledge of legacy IT systems could prevent an applicant from getting a cloud-centric role. Even if a position is focused primarily on the cloud, there is a good chance that professionals will need to have skills outside of cloud services in order to be successful. 

Cloud managers simply need to be diverse. More businesses are starting to store mission critical applications on the cloud than ever before. As a result, cloud strategies are becoming increasingly complex and reliant on a growing number of IT tools and technologies. From the right network infrastructure to the ability to implement collaborative software, the modern tech worker needs to be agile when working in the cloud. 

For these reasons, a wide ranging skill set will make an applicant much more appealing to any hiring manager. This may require some industry professionals to overhaul their training strategies. Fortunately, they can take advantage of online Microsoft certification courses for a number of technologies and services. From SQL Server monitoring to SharePoint proficiency, there are a number of Internet-based programs that can arm IT workers with the skills they need to be successful in a complex cloud environment. 

Industry employees who see the cloud as a fad or trend are being unrealistic. Data from Gartner found that the global public cloud market is expected to grow 18.5 percent in 2013

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