Microsoft Azure makes increasingly popular cloud-based analytics possible

19 November 2013

Microsoft training for the company's cloud-based database and software platform Azure is likely to be in demand during the next several years. More companies are starting to leverage such solutions for a number of reasons, as the list of cloud uses continues to grow. 

One emerging application of the technology is to conduct big data processing to obtain detailed consumer insights. This practice has been picking up steam in a number of industries, with retail outlets using predictive analytics to determine what products customers want, while financial firms have leveraged big data to calculate loan risk and other factors. 

Predictive analytics has proven to be a revolutionary process for many businesses, and the cloud is what has made the development possible. In fact, a recent report from Decision Management Solutions found that cloud-based predictive analytics platforms are being adopted at an incredible rate. 

According to the source, 90 percent of enterprises are planing to implement cloud-enabled predictive analysis in the next few years. In the past, the use of such technology was confined to large corporations that had a significant amount of capital resources at their disposal. However, with the cutting-edge hardware and software becoming more affordable, DMS noted that even small businesses are finding it's viable to launch predictive analytics initiatives. 

"Predictive analytics in the cloud is becoming mainstream, with broader and accelerating adoption," said James Taylor, CEO at DMS. "This adoption is increasingly driven by the value of predictive analytics to improve customer treatment and engagement."

Azure becoming a major market player
Enterprise leaders who are looking to invest in predictive analytics powered by the cloud should consider establishing an Azure platform. Microsoft's cloud system is able to integrate with a number of the company's useful, enterprise-grade software products such as SharePoint, making it useful for more than just predictive analytics. 

In fact, Azure is becoming such a viable business product that Network World reported it rivals Amazon Web Service as the top enterprise cloud offering. The source noted that Microsoft continues to release a number of quality upgrades and features for Azure that is making it possible for businesses of all sizes to take advantage of the cloud. 

For this reason, IT leaders and professional may want to participate in Microsoft certification courses for Azure. These training sessions could provide tech workers with the skills they need to configure and manage the most complex cloud systems at any enterprise. 

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