Expert: Microsoft SQL can run on the cloud

1 November 2013

The cloud is one of the most disruptive technologies impacting enterprises today. More applications and processes are being switched to cloud infrastructures, as companies look to establish IT solutions that are accessible to foreign clients and remote workers. In the world of bring-your-own-device policies and accelerated mobile proliferation, implementing technologies that allow businesses to leverage flexible services to a large number of parties is essential. For this reason, Microsoft training for cloud platforms are in high demand.

Despite the benefits cloud systems offer, many companies are hesitant to invest in cloud services. One of the main reasons behind this trend is that some organizations inaccurately believe that databases are not easy to integrate with cloud systems. This myth was busted by Dimension Data vice president Jason Cumberland in a recent article for Data Center Knowledge. 

According to Cumberland, the reason many executives and even IT professionals hold this misconception is because just a few years ago, many database infrastructures were not tailored to perform in cloud environments. However, cloud technologies have advanced so rapidly that more recent cloud systems are terrific for hosting databases

From tiered storage options to clustering techniques, Cumberland asserted that there are a number of ways to integrate databases with the cloud. In particular, he noted clustering for Microsoft SQL Server databases is possible with many cloud providers. 

In fact, Microsoft's SQL Server is one of the industries most trusted cloud database technologies. For this reason, SQL training should be a priority for enterprises IT professionals looking to establish database and cloud solutions for their employers. 

Azure makes it possible 
Microsoft's Azure cloud system is truly one of the most flexible software solutions currently on the market. It is able to host and support a number of cloud-based applications, including SQL Server. 

According to Network World, Microsoft Azure is one of the 10 most useful cloud database tools available. In fact, the source reported that Azure is a great resource for enterprises that want to adopt a hybrid cloud model. Because Azure is able to access cloud based applications and information on-premise, Azure is a terrific launching pad for early-stage cloud users. 

Making the switch to the cloud can be an intimidating process for even the most experienced IT professionals. With Azure, server room employees can slowly introduce cloud applications into the corporate landscape, allowing themselves and other staff members to become accustomed to how the cloud operates. 

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