Survey: Skill shortage biggest barrier to IT innovation

28 October 2013

Technology has been developing in such a rapid manner in recent years that the need for IT skills is increasing at an unprecedented rate. In order to address this worrying trend, corporate IT executives should consider investing in Microsoft training and other industry certifications for their employees.

A number of disruptive technologies are changing the way enterprises in almost every industry operate on a daily basis. From the boom in mobile access to the proliferation of cloud computing, various tools and services are forcing businesses to become more agile. 

Although these technologies are becoming more common, data suggests CIOs are having trouble managing the spike in adoption. According to a recent survey of Fortune 500 IT leaders by Sierra Ventures, respondents indicated that a shortage of necessary skills is the top impediment to IT innovations today.

"We found that today, CIOs and CTOs have to wear multiple hats such as being strategic while keeping up with ever-changing technology advances and maintaining legacy systems," said Tim Guleri, a managing director for Sierra Ventures. "They have to evaluate risk, be innovative – all while keeping the lights on and the systems up and running." 

The demands that modern IT leaders face are certainly stretching them thin. Sierra's report shows that CIOs need help with certain tasks. Fortunately, tech leaders can help address the skills shortage they face by enrolling server room professionals in Microsoft certification courses related to cloud computing, server management and other technologies that are becoming drivers of corporate innovation. 

Microsoft certifications highly valued
According to Rishabh Software, the right IT certifications should be seen as an asset to tech employees. The presence of a certification on a resume is a permanent credential that shows how proficient an IT professional is in a given field or configuring a particular program. 

The source went on to highlight some of the most useful Microsoft courses that IT workers can pursue and indicated SharePoint certification is especially valued in the IT world. Other top Microsoft classes involve those for SQL Server 2012 and developing web applications for Windows Azure. 

Although it can be challenging to procure training programs for all in-house staff members, CIOs can access online training courses for a variety of Microsoft products and services. These classes can be taken at any time and many are guaranteed to run, meaning they will take place even if just one person enrolls in the course. 

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