Mobile commerce boom could increase need for Microsoft training

23 September 2013

Microsoft training may be in demand for IT professionals as the mobile boom continues in retail and businesses environments. More enterprises and consumers are starting to utilize additional mobile services than ever before, which will require IT employees to manage more smartphone and tablet platforms. 

Potentially, collaborative software – which is also seeing a spike in adoption rates – such as Microsoft SharePoint will become increasingly popular because it is easy to integrate with mobile devices. 

According to data recently released by Gartner, mobile application downloads are expected to increase significantly this year. The source reported that more than 102 billion mobile apps will be downloaded in 2013, a massive spike from the 64 billion mark recorded last year. The number of downloads is expected to grow further, as Gartner suggested as many as 268 billion apps will be downloaded in 2017. 

Although these numbers don't necessarily indicate an increase in enterprise mobility, many media outlets have reported that business-centric app development is on the rise. Backing up the office mobile trend is a recent report form Juniper Research. The source indicated that enterprise mobile adoption will play a large role in the increase in smart accessory and service sales that are likely to be seen in the coming years. 

By 2018, the market for app-enabled smart tools will hit $23 billion. Currently, that sector is valued at just $2 billion. How the industry will manifest itself is still a massive unknown for experts because the market is still in its infancy. 

"The wireless accessory ecosystem is still developing and will evolve over the next five years to become a reality for a much broader audience," said Juniper's Nitin Bhas in a statement. 

Microsoft takeover
Although Bhas noted that the market may change significantly in the coming years due to innovations in the industry, one recent development that could be a significant factor in mobile enterprise growth is Microsoft's acquisition of Nokia's handset department. 

Long known for producing intuitive, enterprise-grade software, Microsoft may be set to take over the mobile enterprise sector, according to Mark Simpson of Maxymiser​, who recently wrote a piece for The Huffington Post on the topic. 

He speculated that Nokia's hardware may be the boost Microsoft needs to find a platform to support its mobile-ready products such as SharePoint. 

For IT professionals looking to jump on this emerging trend, SharePoint training may be a worthy investment. Potentially, it could help them be ready to 

address the demand for Microsoft's mobile tools that could proliferate the business world in the coming years. 

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