UC skills in demand this year

17 September 2013

The IT sector is constantly changing, with new technology forcing companies and industry professionals to adapt in order to stay on top of the latest trends. For this reason, there are some deficiencies in the field, as many companies are seeking professionals who are capable of managing tech platforms and systems that have recently emerged as major drivers of corporate communication and innovation.

Despite the opportunities that these vacancies present, many tech workers have been slow to add the skills necessary to take on these in-demand roles. Fortunately, with the right Microsoft training or other educational course, industry professionals can set themselves up for lucrative positions for which some companies are struggling to recruit. 

UC skills 
CIO Magazine recently highlighted some of the most in-demand IT skills that have emerged this year. The source noted that many companies are looking to implement unified communications (UC) platforms into their operations, which allow them to integrate instant messaging, conferencing and other communication tools onto a single interface. Currently, there is a massive demand among workers in all industries to have access to better collaborative tools. According to the source, this has led to a spike in bring-your-own-device policies that require UC solutions to be effective. 

CIO Magazine cited data from Foote Partners that found the demand for UC skills spiked by 9.1 percent in a six month period last year. Also, positions associated with UC configuration and management are extremely lucrative, as UC professionals have an annual salary up to $113,000. 

SharePoint solution
One program that offers effective collaborative tools is Microsoft SharePoint. The software has long been used by many industries because it allows workers to easily share and simultaneously access files. With the 2013 version, Microsoft launched a number of new and improved features to enhance communication, which has made the program an even more effective business tool. For example, Microsoft deployed its recently acquired Yammer chat platform in SharePoint 2013, which has boosted the communications offerings in the collaborative software, according to TechRepublic. 

As such, IT professionals looking to take advantage of the demand for UC skills may want to invest in SharePoint training. Some course providers offer online classes that are guaranteed to run, meaning they will take place even if just one person signs up for the class. This is not normally the case for traditional classroom sessions, which will usually be canceled if only a handful of students enroll, often costing IT learners money if these courses have non-refundable down payments. 

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