SQL training and regular updates will ensure servers run smoothly

10 September 2013

Investing in SQL training is important for IT professionals, as is the need to regularly update and patch such software. A failure to have the most up-to-date service pack installed can result in poor database performance and open a system up to major security issues. 

In order to fully understand the complexities of Microsoft's SQL Server, tech workers need to take educational courses that highlight proper SQL management. Part of this process will likely include how to download and deploy service packs released by Microsoft. 

Although it can be a fairly straightforward process with the right knowledge, SQL updates appear to be lacking among IT professionals, which may indicate a significant need for more Microsoft training

According to I-Programmer, a recent survey conducted by SQL experts found that the majority of SQL instances are outdated. Overall, 51 percent of instances monitored by the source are not operating on the most recent service pack. More worrying is the fact the 53 percent of such platforms are running without support from Microsoft. 

The source noted that just under 42 percent of SQL Server systems are working on the 2005 version, the largest single portion of any release. Sixty-seven percent of these servers are not updated and are unsupported. 

In the modern business world that revolves around the use of technology and the Internet, cyberthreats abound. Simply being aware of potential security breaches is hardly sufficient today. Cybercriminals are constantly revamping their strategies and creating new techniques to take advantage of flaws in various platforms and software, such as SQL Server. 

Security and performance spike
An example of the security threats an outdated SQL Server may present were highlighted last year when Microsoft released an update to combat an emerging scam similar to a phishing attack. The related security update was labeled as "Important," by Microsoft, showing just how dangerous it can be to ignore updates. 

Apart from the safeguards to regular updates offer, new service packs come with features that boost performance and streamline operations. It can make for a more robust platform that can be used for a variety of operational tasks. 

IT professionals should not think of SQL Server as a static database format language. Rather, they should consider the software an evolving system that is constantly being adapted to provide a better product. However, a failure to download the latest updates for SQL Server will likely result in less than optimal performance standards. 

Although it can be challenging to stay on top of SQL trends, it's necessary for IT workers. Fortunately, taking online Microsoft certification courses for the platform is possible, making it easy for busy tech professionals to stay current on SQL developments. 

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