SharePoint training will be in demand as mobile collaborative software proliferates

4 September 2013

IT professionals may need to participate in additional SharePoint training as the software is likely to see a spike in adoption in the coming years. Data recently released by Gartner suggested that the use of enterprise collaboration tools could increase in the coming years. 

The source reported that such applications will be accessible in equal measure from desktops and mobile devices by 2016. As more employees start to demand programs to allow them to communicate and work remotely, innovative tools such as Microsoft SharePoint that integrate social and business applications are likely to become more common in many industries. 

Two of the main factors in the predicted growth outlined by Gartner are the increase in bring-your-own-device policies and the expansion of cloud services. 

"Mobile devices enable a new generation of collaboration and three trends are rapidly boosting mobile collaboration strategies and investments in organizations," said Monica Basso, vice president of research at Gartner. "These are: bring your own device (BYOD), personal cloud file sharing and the increasing availability of mobile applications."

The proliferation of BYOD has resulted in workers demanding more mobile-enabled services. Businesses looking to answer the call for better mobile integration should consider investing in SharePoint 2013 because the software includes several features that allow for mobile interoperability. 

Mobile support with SharePoint 2013
CIO Magazine reported that enterprise leaders have been asking for enhanced mobile features in SharePoint for years. Fortunately for them, the source indicated that SharePoint 2013 comes with some major improvements in terms of mobile integration. 

One of the most useful features in the latest version is the support of HTML5, the highly diverse coding language that allows users to access websites on a number of different operating systems and devices. In particular, it enables SharePoint accounts to use the software on mobile Internet Explorer, Safari and Android browsers, the source stated. 

There are also a number of new mobile apps that are standard in SharePoint 2013. CIO Magazine highlighted the case of the useful SkyDrive Pro App that lets users connect with the SkyDrive cloud platform via SharePoint on a smartphone or tablet powered by Windows 8 or Apple's iOS system. 

Due to the improved mobile connectivity, SharePoint 2013 training is a worthy investment for CIOs and IT managers that want to make their enterprises more mobile-friendly. With workers demanding better collaboration tools, it would be wise for corporate leaders to stay ahead of the curve and invest in SharePoint as soon as possible. 

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