Cloud security confidence may boost Azure adoption

28 August 2013

Cloud technologies have been adopted at an accelerated rate in recent years. However, increased confidence in cloud security among IT professionals may lead to a spike in integration for cloud services such as Microsoft Azure, which could create a need for more Microsoft training

A new Evans Data survey found that 56 percent of IT developers are confident that their enterprises use the right cloud security measures to safeguard systems. Although it may not seem like an overwhelming number, it's a significant improvement on past readings. The source indicated that it's a 40 percent jump compared to numbers outlined in the same survey conducted last year. 

"We've made a profound step forward during the last year in the rate of confidence developers place in cloud offerings," said Evans Data CEO Janel Garvin.

For years, one of the reasons some business IT leaders hesitated to adopt cloud technology was the perceived lack of security, particularly for public cloud setups. However, as more private and hybrid cloud solutions are developed, CIOs are showcasing faith in cloud security tools, which will likely lead to a spike in placing mission-critical applications on cloud servers. 

Enterprise-grade cloud networking software such as Microsoft Azure could see additional cloud connectivity. The cloud platform is easy to integrate with a number of other Microsoft business products such as SQL Server and the unified communications suite, SharePoint. 

Azure now built for mobile developers 
In fact, the marked increase in cloud security confidence among developers may prove to be the catalyst for rapid Azure adoption. As eWeek recently reported, Microsoft announced a new service pack that will allow developers to create apps that can operate across cloud environments

Included in the Service Bus 1.1 for Windows Server pack, the upgrade should help developers create a single application version that can be deployed on-site or in the cloud. It will support public, private and hosted platforms, the source indicated. 

With more businesses implementing cloud platforms into their operations, IT professionals may want to consider investing in cloud-based training programs, particularly from Microsoft if they plan on taking advantage of the many Azure features. 

For busy professionals, online Microsoft certification courses may be the best option. They are convenient and easy to access from any location. Also, some online providers offer guaranteed to run classes that will take place regardless of how many students enroll, ensuring that IT workers don't waste money on classes that never take off. 

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