IT workers value employers that invest in training

22 August 2013

IT training from cloud-based classes to Microsoft certification courses are highly valued by industry professionals. Such programs provide tech workers with the skills they need to get the jobs they want and offer a great path for future promotions. 

For the IT sector, the need to invest in training is much more important than in other industries. Tech products, services and software are constantly being created and updated, making it difficult for IT professionals to stay updated on emerging trends. With technology increasingly driving the business world, Microsoft training and other IT learning opportunities need to be taken advantage of if employees want to stay on top of industry developments. 

Not only will training help IT workers become more complete professionals – it could help them become more satisfied and engaged with their jobs. A recent study conducted by Right Management found that 84 percent of workers feel trapped in their current positions. Poor job satisfaction levels can be detrimental to performance and can even result in a high turnover rate.

For IT teams, having a streamlined management system is pivotal for ensuring that system uptime does not suffer. If a tenured IT member leaves the company, it can be challenging to onboard a new employee, which can result in servers and networks being poorly managed. 

Commitment to IT development
According to the Right Management, focusing on career development and training can be a great way for CIOs to keep staff members happy. Promoting an environment of learning will ensure that workers feel as if they are developing and are able to climb the corporate ladder to higher-level IT roles. 

"When they see the employer will invest in learning and training and that they can progress in their present job it may lessen their sense of being stuck," said Ron Sims of Right Management. "It always helps for a boss to talk about and to do something about career development."

Online Microsoft training course
One of the most convenient ways to help IT employees develop and stay satisfied is by implementing an online training program. By consulting with a professional certification and training provider, business leaders can determine which courses would be beneficial for enhancing the skill sets of their employees. 

Many of these classes are guaranteed, meaning they will take place even if just a few individuals enroll. Also, they offer flexible schedules which can be beneficial for busy tech professionals. In fact, according to Workforce Magazine, online courses are becoming more popular, even at some of the world's most reputable colleges and universities. 

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