Microsoft products remain strong solutions for small businesses

24 July 2013

Microsoft products and software have been used by small business leaders for years. The tech giant's offerings are trusted across a number of different industries and have remained useful even when the company's fortunes have dipped. 

Recently, Microsoft announced its latest quarterly earnings, and many investors weren't completely satisfied with the numbers because they perceived them to be lower than expected. However, PCWorld indicated that the figures were still robust and should not dissuade business leaders from investing in Microsoft training for in-house IT professionals. 

Overall, revenue for Microsoft jumped 10 percent compared to the same quarter in 2012, the source reported. In particular, the company's rebranded corporate model has been paying dividends, as the Business Division and Server and Tools department experienced growth. Due to the rapid adoption of Office 365, the company has been able to generate additional revenue to the tune of $1.5 billion in the last year. 

Because the cloud-based Office program is compatible with Exchange and SharePoint, many businesses have displayed a willingness to invest in the sophisticated software. Although additional SharePoint training may be needed for some IT workers in order to properly integrate the service with Office 365, it's a worthy investment. Both programs work in tandem and allow documents and files to be created and accessed across the two services. 

PCWorld also stated that small businesses should keep purchasing new Microsoft products, not only because they are effective, but because Windows XP support will expire in 2014. As a result, the source recommended that enterprises should start to consider making the switch to Windows 8. The new OS is soon to be updated and will likely include a number of features that users have expressed a desire to see, such as the start menu included in past Windows OSs.

Azure premium databases coming
Showing just how dedicated it is to making simple, integrated business products, Microsoft recently announced that it plans to start testing premium SQL databases operated by Windows Azure, according to ZDNet. 

The premium database service that will operate on the cloud-centric Azure will increase the ability for employees to access and share data stored on corporate database servers.

The source stated that Azure SQL databases are already available on web and business formats that support 5GB and 150GB database configurations respectively. With premium, however, IT professionals will be given more scalable options for setting up databases. It's an ideal solution for businesses that use significant amounts of memory or run several applications simultaneously. 

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