Microsoft introduces new cross-platform app as analysts expect profits to increase

18 July 2013

It's been a busy month at Microsoft, as the company's structure is set for a shakeup. Last week, CEO Steve Ballmer announced plans to reshape the internal configuration of Microsoft.

Instead of having a loose connection among the business's many department executives, Ballmer plans to create a more tight-knit structure as the firm explores expansion into device and service management fields. It's a jump away from its traditional software-based model, USA Today reported.

Although it's a significant development, it's not a totally unforeseen one. For years, Microsoft has turned its attention to creating multi-device business platforms such as SharePoint, SQL Server and Exchange. Also, the popularity of the numerous Microsoft certification courses the company offers for enterprise IT professionals shows how dedicated the firm is to creating a more service- and device-centric business. 

According to The Seattle Times, the new corporate structure will see Microsoft divided into five streamlined groups. The Business division will manage Office, SharePoint, Lync, Dynamics, Yammer and other services, while the Server & Tools department will be responsible for Windows Server, SQL, System Center and the cloud-based Azure. In particular, these two sections will face the brunt of the responsibilities for developing future enterprise innovations. As a result, business leaders could see a more integrated offering of server and collaboration tools. 

Companion Web being developed
TechCruch reported that Microsoft plans to introduce a new app that will allow users to easily cross-access programs and apps on several devices

The source stated that it will enable a Windows 8 device to connect with a smartphone. This will let users remotely control larger devices as well as share data. Although the app is not fully developed, the possibilities the technology offers for business leaders is exciting for many executives and IT professionals. 

Potentially, integration with some of Microsoft's already mobile-enabled software such as SharePoint could be possible. In fact, the source noted that Microsoft is calling on independent developers to help them build upon the app. 

With so many possibilities for Microsoft products on the horizon, IT workers may want to invest in additional Microsoft training classes. Trusted across a number of industries, the company's certifications can provide tech employees with useful credentials that can help them land a job or get promoted. Such work can be done online, which can be convenient for busy professionals looking to boost career prospects. 

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