Online training and the IT industry, a perfect fit

11 July 2013

IT professionals looking to invest in Microsoft training are increasingly turning to online course offerings. Instead of choosing traditional classroom options, tech workers are opting for web-based learning because of its many benefits. 

According to CIO Magazine, massive open online courses (MOOC) have made the transition from the university to the server room. In the past, colleges have used the platform to connect with remote students and to increase course offerings at overcrowded institutions. However, the service is now being used by many IT workers, a fitting trend, as the source noted that many industry professionals are tech savvy and feel comfortable working with such technology 

Better for specialized training
Many IT jobs require extremely specific skills. With new products and services constantly hitting the market, changing technology is forcing the IT world to immerse itself in continuing education. It's not realistic for all professionals to participate in physical classroom sessions on a regular basis, as it's an extremely burdensome task to commute to such lessons. However, online training can be done from any location that has Internet access, which provides students with much more flexibility. For employees looking to develop their skills, taking a class at work after hours is a viable option. 

Whether its SharePoint certification or server management training, IT professionals can access a number of lessons online that will arm them with the skills needed to be successful in the ever evolving IT world. 

Cut costs
As eNom noted, online training courses are much cheaper than traditional classes. Most web-based services don't require students to purchase expensive text books or course material. Instead, necessary files and documents are electronically shared, reducing the expenses that are associated with course investments. 

Easy review
Several online course vendors allow pupils to review recorded class sessions to review material at a later date. This can be advantageous for professionals that want to review a particular lesson or may have missed a class. 

For enterprises that foot the bill for IT training, online classes are also extremely cost-effective. Instead of paying for an employee's travel expenses and seminar fees, business leaders can provide quality educational services to staff members without sending them across the country or state. 

Some of the best online training providers offer guaranteed courses that will take place, regardless of the number of students that sign up. These sessions are often some of the most effective, as students have more access to instructors. 

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