Microsoft to create reseller program that can access SharePoint on tablets

8 July 2013

In a move to increase the sales of its Surface tablet PCs, Microsoft will be allow resellers to distribute the products. Potentially, they could be in high demand due to Surface tablets' ability to run many of Microsoft's enterprise-grade software such as SharePoint. For this reason, Microsoft training may increase among IT professionals. 

According to Digital Trends, Microsoft will allow more than 10,000 stores owned by resellers across the world to offer the tablets to corporations and government agencies, meaning that enterprise use of Microsoft software may increase further. Apart from the devices themselves, the retailers will sell tech support and data protection services to their clients under the new deal. 

App development program
Always dedicated to creating business tools, Microsoft recently stated that it will be funding a program to encourage Surface app development, Digital Trends reported. The AppsForSurface initiative will help third-party app developers and large corporations create apps specifically designed for Surface tablets. Citrix, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt and Sage are just a few of the major brands already participating in the program. 

Better business tablet
Compared to Android and iPad tablets, TechRepublic suggested that Microsoft Windows tablets were superior for business leaders

One of the advantages of using the Windows product is that it integrates easily with Windows Workgroup setups. According to the source, by completing a few modifications in the control panel, a Surface tablet can be made accessible on a Windows-powered network that can also be opened on desktop or mobile devices.

Another task that is simplified on a Windows tablet compared to and Android or iPad devices is printing. The source stated that printing on other mobile devices is often complex and time-consuming. That can lead to a loss of production, something that is mitigated with Windows tablets' user interface that allows for simple printer configuration.

With the new enterprise-focused reseller program set to be launched, Microsoft continues to show a dedication to business-grade products. With such easy integration between mobile, cloud and business applications available with the company's line of products, there may be a surge in enterprise adoption of Surface tablets. 

IT workers who have SharePoint certification may be able to convey the benefits of integrating the various Microsoft services into corporate operations. By providing such simple and comprehensive services, IT managers and CIOs can create more productive technology systems in the office. 

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