Tech trends that will change IT

10 June 2013

A number of new technologies have hit the market in recent years and many businesses are just now finding out how to harness these emerging tools to their benefit. As products and services change, so will the manner in which both the IT industry and global workforce operate. For IT professionals, understanding what the future holds before it arrives is pivotal for career development. 

Certifications valued over degrees
High-level training offerings such as Microsoft certification courses will be in high demand in the coming years, according to Forbes. In particular, the source noted that the emergence of online training providers is set to change how CIOs analyze the qualifications of IT job applicants. 

It won't be so much about the name of the institution on a degree – or the degree itself for that matter – than it will be about the actual skills and knowledge of certain products, services and trends. For this reason, specialized training programs will be of greater interest to IT managers. Highly trusted across all industries, Microsoft certifications provide holders with proof of their understanding of a specific platform or product. 

Opportunities in education
In particular, K – 12 educational institutions will be hotbeds for IT jobs in the future. Many schools are beginning to harness sophisticated technology to their benefit. In as little as one year, the rapid adoption of established platforms including cloud services and mobile learning will provide a career boom for IT professionals within the industry, according to the NMC Horizon Report. 

In fact, the report cited data from CDW that found 42 percent of K-12 schools are already using some sort of cloud service. The source stated that the adoption of web-based apps are driving the use of cloud servers at elementary schools, as they offer simple ways for students to submit projects and assignments. 

With cloud use already a viable option for schools, it's likely that more sophisticated collaboration tools will become commonplace in K-12 classrooms. Products such as Microsoft SharePoint may find a place in the classroom as teachers look for ways to enhance student-to-student learning and interaction. After all, lessons focused on peer-to-peer involvement will provide pupils with experience that could aid them in dealing with long term developments that are set to permeate the business world. 

Increased collaboration 
Government Executive recently highlighted a number of tech trends that will change the workforce in the future. One that stood out was that workers are starting to rely more heavily on outsiders to help accomplish goals. For even the most driven entrepreneurs, the source stated that establishing a large professional network is becoming key for success. 

With the office becoming loosely defined in the era of the mobile workforce, technologies that can help colleagues and business leaders connect with others will be significant factors in corporate success. 

SharePoint can ensure success
As mentioned earlier, Microsoft SharePoint may become a useful option for teachers as well as businesses leaders in general as they attempt to boost collaborative efforts. The networking tool allows users to share media quickly and easily in a number of forms, while also supporting unified communications features. For those following Forbes advice, SharePoint certification is a must. 

A recent article from Dice highlighted the lack of SharePoint talent currently found among businesses. The rapid adoption of the service has been so significant that companies are having trouble finding qualified employees that can use the software. For this reason, an IT professional who is able to establish and properly instruct others on how to use SharePoint will be highly valued by their employer. 

A modern business solution, SharePoint can help companies embrace the tech trends that are set to shake up the workplace. 

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