Landing IT jobs in a growing industry

20 May 2013
IT Industry Trends

IT professionals are finding themselves in an interesting job market. On one hand, IT jobs are reaching historically high numbers. On the other hand, a crowded field could mean more difficulty in getting a promotion. 

According to the latest TechServe Alliance numbers, IT employment hit an all-time high in April, growing 0.24 percent to leave the total number of jobs in the industry at 4.24 million. Obviously, it's a positive development for the industry, but now IT professionals are tasked with standing out if they wish to promote their careers. 

Constant training necessary
It's not just enough to have taken one or two Microsoft training courses in today's competitive field. According to Help Net Security, IT managers want workers who are self starters and are willing to develop their skill sets without direction. 

If granted an interview, applicants will likely be thoroughly tested by hiring managers regarding their IT proficiency. Even if candidates have stellar backgrounds and credentials on their resumes, if they can't display a passion for IT, they will have a hard time landing the job. When interviewing, IT professionals should try their best to show how they have personally invested in their growth. Degrees are nice, but continued development past the university level will show managers dedication to the craft.

Show more than is expected
Any worker who goes the extra mile will be dearly coveted by their boss. For IT professionals, part of this task is exploring various aspects of operations for the company that employs them or the company they want to work for, according to TechNet Magazine.

Most workers are satisfied with fixing broken computers and addressing tech issues when they arise. However, many IT professionals fail to realize that they are in a unique place to drive innovation. 

Technology is increasingly becoming a central aspect of daily business operations. IT staffers who provide educated and well formulated plans to help companies boost productivity or cut costs won't hurt their chances for future promotions. 

Knowing how new technology can be integrated into the workplace means understanding the latest products, software and hardware that hits the market. Many companies use Microsoft's line of business tools such as SharePoint and SQL Server. 

Online SQL or SharePoint training classes are available for IT workers who may be juggling a job and a busy private life. These convenient offerings can help professionals display a dedication to development as well as possibly providing them with insight as to how they can introduce innovative practices to a business. 

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