Big Data features make SQL Server an attractive tool

17 May 2013
IT Industry Trends

Addressing big data initiatives is a multi-faceted challenge for IT professionals. Figuring out how to store, share and access complicated sets of information quickly and efficiently can be difficult for even the best IT teams. However, tools such as Microsoft's SQL Server can help companies find big data solutions.

Column indexing
According to SYS-CON Media, SQL Server makes organizing subsets of data easier by providing users with more flexibility through the use of column indexes. Instead of organizing data tables by rows, grouping them together in column formats can be easier for some IT workers tasked with analyzing or crunching big data. In certain instances, grouping via columns can speed up data warehousing, according to Microsoft. 

Better search options
Highlighting the need for proper SQL training is the full-text search option in the latest version of Microsoft's program. This feature lets users operate full-text searches on character-based data sets in an SQL Server table.

However, this can only be done if an IT administrator builds a full-text index within a particular table. That means that to make big data more searchable in SQL Server, a highly trained expert needs to create full-text query capabilities. It's worth the time investment, as the sophisticated system enables various types of queries. From one word entries to phrases, the full-text search option makes finding information easier for users.

Cloud abilities
For businesses operating in the cloud, big data can be even more frustrating to handle than it is for companies with onsite servers. Creating an IT infrastructure that can handle wireless sharing and storage of such massive data sets can be burdensome. However, with SQL Servers, it's much simpler. 

Windows Azure SQL, according to SYS-CON Media, is the cloud-based version of the more popular SQL Server. Azure is an effective tool for addressing big data cloud storage concerns. The source notes that Azure has similar processing ability to SQL Server, making it exceptional for cloud use. 

Microsoft's line of server products have been selling particularly well recently, as companies start to see the value of these products in terms of business operations. According to Forbes, the company's revenue derived from server sales jumped by 11 percent last quarter. More over, SQL Server revenue increased by 16 percent. 

This platform is becoming more common among businesses. For any IT professional looking to progress their careers, taking a Microsoft training course for the SQL Server can boost job prospects. 

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