Benefits of web-based IT training

13 May 2013
IT Industry Trends

IT professionals are turning to the internet as a viable source for cybersecurity, Linux and Microsoft training. Many question the effectiveness of such courses, saying that face-to-face interaction is the best way to educate. However, online training offers a number of benefits that other IT classes do not. 

Scheduling is easy
One of the major disadvantages of face-to-face learning is that it can be difficult for professionals to fit them into their schedules. Free time is limited for those with careers and for some it's impossible to commit to a weekly course that may interfere with work. However, online courses offer much more flexibility. They can be attended from any location, which means accessing classes from the home or office is possible, making it more convenient for people with jobs or kids to continue their professional development. 

Cheaper alternative
Traditional classes can be costly. Not only are there registration fees but there are also costs associated with the purchase of texts or other course materials. In most cases, online classes offer free downloadable documents that participants will need. 

There are also expenses related to actually getting to face-to-face classes. Taking online courses can help students save on transportation fees. Also, professionals with kids won't have to hire a baby sitter, as they can easily learn at home. 

Companies that want to offer their workers corporate training can also control spending by choosing web-based options. Traditional classes often mean bringing a pricey outside instructor into the workplace for seminars. Even if employees are sent off-site for seminars, businesses are still faced with expenses that may result from sending workers to faraway classes. Travel costs, hotel expenses and course fees can quickly add up when sending employees away for training or educational conventions.

Relaxed environment 
As eNom notes, some people are intimidated by formal classrooms. However, technology allows course participants the option to control the setting they learn in, making it easier for them to absorb the material. Also, the source notes that students can confidentially contact instructors and ask them questions they may not be comfortable discussing in front of the whole class. 

According to iHR Australia, online training can be effective for companies that have workers spread across several locations. However, the source notes that a proper investigation should be conducted before choosing an online course provider. Study testimonials and references before selecting an instructor or service for a Microsoft training course

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