Training for BYOD programs important for IT professionals

8 May 2013
IT Industry Trends

Bring-your-own-device (BYOD) initiatives are rapidly expanding across the business world. IT professionals would be wise to take Microsoft training courses for the software company's widely used mobile services and products.

According to research conducted by Gartner, half of all workplaces will have mandatory BYOD policies in place by 2017. Further, 38 percent of all businesses are expected to stop providing mobile devices to employees by 2016.

Corporate leaders are starting to recognize the cost and productivity benefits that come with allowing workers to use their own devices in the office. Employees can increase mobility and operate on products they are familiar with, driving productivity, and businesses can cut spending on technology. An IT professional that knows how to properly manage and craft platforms that support BYOD policies will be in demand in the coming years.

BizTalk Server
The business communications integration software, BizTalk, is a widely used server management tool among major companies. Microsoft estimates that more than 12,000 customers have installed BizTalk software. 

The latest version of the program, BizTalk Server 2013, allows for the service to be used in conjunction with Microsoft's Azure Public Cloud platform. IT professionals who know how to use BizTalk will find that it's simple to integrate it with Azure, due to the latter's easy to navigate interface. However, IT managers that are uncertified in BizTalk could prevent companies from realizing full expansion opportunities. 

One of the most common collaboration tools on the market, Microsoft SharePoint, allows colleagues to easily connect with each other to work together on projects through a number of available applications. It's great for BYOD offices, as it enables employees to connect to the office from a home PC or mobile device. 

SharePoint 2013 training is important for IT professionals because the most recent version of the program has several new features. Many of the latest inclusions are socially driven applications that Credera has marked as some of the most exciting developments in the new edition. 

The source says that users have had their "Follow" options greatly expanded. From people to sites and documents, SharePoint owners can easily choose to keep tabs on pretty much anything within the program. Each followed item will be placed on each user's "MySite" for each access in the future. 

Another new feature of SharePoint 2013 is "Reputation Builder". This encourages interaction between users by rewarding likes and comments with points. It's just one more way in which Microsoft is pushing the program's users to interact. 

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