Microsoft training necessary as SQL and Exchange become virtualized

30 April 2013
IT Industry Trends

More IT managers are choosing to virtualize mission-critical programs and servers in order to cut spending. Virtualization is the act of hosting a program, server or desktop in a virtual state on a different piece of hardware. For most businesses, this means running multiple programs or hosting multiple server types on a single platform. 

A year ago, just 14 percent of respondents to DataCore's annual virtualization survey said they planned to cut IT storage spending. However, during 2013, 20 percent will slash storage costs, while 51 percent say they will not increase spending. It shows that business leaders are becoming concerned about the price of major IT storage hardware devices, as they see virtualization as a clever and cost-effective strategy to include several applications on one device. 

"The findings make it clear; storage is the 'big' problem IT pros must solve today," said George Teixeira, CEO of DataCore. 

In the coming year, more than half of all companies plan to have 80 percent of mission-critical applications virtualized, the survey found, in a clear attempt by businesses to control their spending on storage. 

Microsoft certification important
A boom in Microsoft training may occur this year, as the software giant's products topped the list of applications IT managers plan to make virtual. Twenty-eight percent of respondents will virtualize SharePoint, 36 percent will do the same with Exchange and more than half of those surveyed will place SQL on virtualized platforms. 

These three products have seen widespread use across various industries, meaning that being knowledgeable of how each works is necessary for IT professionals. In particular, SQL training is important as the server platform is used by an overwhelming number of corporations. Embarcadero found that 83 percent of companies use Microsoft SQL, more than any other database platform currently on the market.

Without the proper certification for the server software, IT workers could find it difficult to get a job or keep their company up to speed. 

Manage data
Executives value IT employees that help the company save money. Since storage seems to be the No. 1 concern when it comes to unnecessary tech spending, knowing ways to use servers and hard drives will endear an IT worker to his or her boss. 

Computerworld says that being painstakingly vigilant of what is stored on company hardware is a good strategy to promote efficient storage. This can be done by making sure that employees aren't storing frivolous information such as personal MP3s on company hardware.

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