SQL in the cloud can benefit IT managers

29 April 2013
IT Industry Trends

SQL training is a major asset for any IT professional, as the Microsoft database software is growing in market share. Microsoft's last quarterly report showed that revenue SQL server sales grew 16 percent, a sizable rate according to Forbes. The source noted that the database platform is becoming a dependable choice for the software company's customers, as they are using the service to host mission-critical information. 

For IT workers on the job hunt and executives looking to better arm their IT teams with the tools for success, getting up to speed on SQL is key in today's business world. The workplace is more mobile than ever, meaning sophisticated database and sharing tools such as SQL are becoming more and more necessary for business to be conducted. 

SQL in the cloud
In particular, cloud-based SQL servers can boost performance in several regards. A white paper published by Microsoft and Hosting.com found hosting the software in the cloud has significantly driven processing speeds without having servers and software crash, while reducing down-time and making employees more productive. One company that moved SQL to a cloud setup was able to increase the time its network was active by 40 percent, the white paper noted.

Also, by hosting SQL in cloud servers, IT professionals are given more flexibility when it comes to managing various servers. The software features several built-in tools that help IT workers better organize and scale data storage. Best of all, this can be done from a single computer or console. Accessing cloud-stored data is always a concern do to servers often not being on-site but SQL's features make it simple, convenient and customizable. It's a level of flexibility other data storage solutions fail to offer.  

Moving to the cloud is often seen as being time consuming, however, Hosting.com's white paper argues that may not be the case. One company that moved SQL operations to the cloud found that it was able to do so easily in 90 days.

Microsoft training courses are incredibly important for aspiring IT professionals. Globally, the company is one of the largest business communications providers with a plethora of products and services used by both major corporations and small businesses.

Although training can result in headaches as many certification providers require a certain amount of individuals to register for a course to take place, some online outlets offer classes that will commence no matter the number of students registered. It's a great option for any IT professional looking to learn about the latest SQL trends.

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