How Microsoft certification courses becoming integrated with schools is a great opportunity for students

12 February 2015

There's no denying how prominent technology is in our lives. With electronics becoming integrated with daily tasks, it's no surprise that training has become a strong and available option for aspiring professionals. Students in high school and college now have the opportunity to take training courses and learn the ways of programming.

Schools offering certification courses and opportunities
Microsoft certification courses have become more integrated within schools to introduce students to IT academics. Thomas Stone High School in Maryland is one of these examples, offering certifications for various Microsoft programs. Certifications provide a way for students who might not have the means to go to college a way to gain experience to pursue careers in the IT field.

"A lot of our kids are more career-bound than college-bound," Michael Meiser, principal of Thomas Stone High School, told SoMdNews. "And either way it helps those kids who are college-bound, it gives them a benefit of having that certificate. It works in an office realm or a business setting."

It also benefits those who do end up attending a four-year school, as it's an addition to their resume. Certifications provide knowledge on a variety of topics and can make anyone's resume stand out.

Classes develop aspiring IT professionals and offer new opportunities
Eric Bloom, president of Manager Mechanics LLC, a company that specializes in developing leadership in IT, wrote a blog post on ITworld that explained the benefits of technical certifications. Bloom mentioned that the technological processes many are aware of are because of the features and tools people are encouraged to use in their environments. Certifications and training are an opportunity to improve expertise and professionalism.

Additionally, for those who don't have certifications offered in school, training is available online. Aspiring IT professionals don't even have to leave their home to participate. Many classes can be attended virtually. However, instructors are still very hands-on and work to provide students the best and most helpful experience. Software is typically provided in class.

These factors give students the ability to try new things and experiment, according to Bloom's blog post. Mistakes, experimentation and experience are what make a great professional, and being able to do so in an environment where there is no risk helps develop students into excellent IT workers. Microsoft training and Sharepoint classes aid those with aspirations to become professionals who have flourish in technological language and complex programming abilities.

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