What makes an ICT professional and how to become one

6 February 2015

The world of information technology is ever-expanding. Microsoft is beginning to develop the HoloLens, which allows its user to see and work with high-definition holograms. Phones can talk with their users and answer questions. Robots are being developed and programmed to work with the public in their everyday lives.

It's no surprise that many are looking to become involved in this development as information and communications technology professionals. However, it can be difficult to determine where to begin with that aspiration. Here are some tips for one looking to become an ICT professional:

1. Be aware
Many ICT professionals have backgrounds in various areas, including computing, science, engineering, math and technology, according to IT Knowledge Exchange. ICT is broad in what it means and what qualifies as a branch of ICT, but that means that being invested in any of the previously named fields gives one a better chance to be involved in this field. However, one also needs to be aware of up-and-coming technologies in all kinds of aspects – robotics, mobile technology, computers and the Internet are all a part of ICT. Since all of them evolve every day, any hopeful professional needs to keep up with.

2. Be professional
A report by the Australian National University reviewed what qualities an ICT worker does make, and it named competency, ethnicity, knowledgeability, learning ability, care and pride all important characteristics of one. Any successful employee should aspire to master these qualities, and ICT workers are no different. All of these factors come down to being strict in one's lifestyle and knowing what goals he or she has while working toward becoming a part of the ICT community.

3. Be a student
Incorporating one's self into ICT means training and becoming an apprentice in some way. Microsoft certification courses can be especially helpful. With Microsoft a huge part of the ICT world, any professional should put in effort to become formally educated about its systems and programs. Microsoft training is an option for any aspiring ICT employee and can make he or she more credible in his or her field.

4. Be optimistic
ICT positions are expected to grow, with the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicting all computer occupations to increase by 22 percent by 2020. Technology has become a huge part of the corporate world, which means that it will only evolve and ICT professionals will still be as necessary as ever. For one who aspires to become an ICT professional, he or she needs to buckle down and train to become a qualified and skillful worker in the field. 

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