Forbes: IT training for cloud solutions needed

23 May 2014

Getting the right Microsoft training for the company's various cloud-based systems can benefit any IT professional. The use of cloud systems continues to increase globally, and businesses are starting to rapidly move mission-critical applications to the virtual environment.

Despite the spike in cloud adoption, industry experts believe that most organizations still need to take the necessary steps to ensure quality cloud performance. In a recent article for Forbes, Joe McKendrick reported that a large portion of IT professionals are not receiving enough direction regarding how to configure and manage cloud solutions. 

"Organizations are relying on information technology managers and professionals, to a large extent, of course," McKendrick wrote. "However, many IT people say they aren't receiving enough training or support to move their organizations into this new computing realm."

This lack of cloud proficiency could be a major issue for most organizations, especially those with a global footprint. Having the right tools in place to help employees collaborate with clients and colleagues across the world is essential for global brands, and the cloud is one of the best resources available to facilitate such connectivity. 

Cloud cost savings
More importantly, large corporations can actually save a significant amount of money by switching to the cloud. This is because the technology is much more energy-efficient than alternative, legacy IT solutions. In fact, a recent report from CDP found that large American organizations that use the cloud may be able to save $12.3 billion on energy-related costs by 2020. Additionally, CDP officials noted that, as the cloud is more efficient, it helps companies reduce their carbon emissions. 

"The carbon emissions reducing potential of cloud computing is a thrilling breakthrough, allowing companies to maximize performance, drive down costs, reduce inefficiency and minimize energy use," said Paul Dickinson, executive chairman at CDP. 

With the right Microsoft certification courses, IT professionals can help their organizations leverage a number of quality cloud-solutions. From the collaborative suite SharePoint to Office 365, which offers enterprise-favorites Word and Excel, businesses can embrace the cloud with ease. 

Some executives may be reluctant to embrace the cloud, as they believe it's an expensive technology to put in place. However, CDP's data showed that there are actually long-term cost benefits associated with implementing cloud technology. For businesses looking to save money, investing in cloud training could help them boost the bottom line in the future. 

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