Why Microsoft training is essential for Lync management

11 February 2014

Microsoft training courses are some of the most highly sought-after IT educational classes out there. The reason so many tech professionals pursue these resources is due to the fact that Microsoft products are widely trusted and used technologies on the market. 

In many sectors, Microsoft solutions are the industry standard. For this reason, investing in IT certifications related to Microsoft products is one of the best decisions tech professionals can make. 

One Microsoft service that exemplifies the vendor's dominance is Lync. More enterprise users are starting to make to switch to Lync than ever before, as organizations in all sectors are now invest in unified communications. In fact, No Jitter recently reported that Microsoft indicated 5 million Lync voice seats have been deployed to date. 

UC complexity means monitoring is key
While the adoption of Lync can be beneficial for modern companies, many organizations fail to realize how important it is to closely manage the program. According to the source, Lync environments can be incredibly complex. When the nature of UC is taken into account, it's easy to see why Lync requires close monitoring. 

UC systems bring voice, text, email, telephone and a number of other communications channels under a single interface. As a result, most UC platforms are data rich infrastructures that require comprehensive management and attention. 

With voice transmission alone, the amount of data created by a UC infrastructure can be incredibly high. If other channels are deployed on Lync, that data demand can become even more significant. For this reason, IT professionals need to make sure their internal network infrastructure is ready to handle heavy traffic.

More importantly, they should determine if their architectures are prepared to deal with spikes in traffic. This is particularly important if a VoIP or voice component is included on a Lync platform, as telephony systems are often the most-used UC channel.

Training for all IT professionals
In order to leverage Lync in a beneficial manner, IT professionals need to make sure they have taken the right Microsoft certification courses related to the UC program. Such educational courses can be useful for tech workers across the corporate spectrum. Even for small businesses, Lync can be used to better manage customer contact and support efforts, Telecom Reseller reported. 

The sheer versatility and scalability of Lync is what makes it one of the best UC products on the market. Large or small, and businesses can benefit from deploying Lync. 

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