Invest in SQL Server 2008 training before it disappears

20 January 2014

SQL training for Microsoft's SQL Server 2008 has been in demand since the platform was launched several years ago. Many organizations across a number of industries use the trusted database tool to store, share and build applications. Although it is a useful technology, Microsoft recently announced that it is retiring its SQL Server 2008 Certification Programs at the end of the year. 

For aspiring IT professionals, now is the time to invest in SQL Server 2008 training before Microsoft retires a number of programs associated with certification for the platform. According to the Microsoft website, the 88-971 and 70-433 exams will be retired on December 31. Further, on January 31, 2014, the company plans to scrap the 70-450 and 70-451 exams, which provide SQL certification credentials. 

Why old certifications still matter
Although retirement of older certification programs and exams are fairly standard, IT professionals might want to consider investing in SQL Server 2008 courses. By taking such classes, tech workers are better positioned to upgrade their certifications down the line. However, once the certifications are shut down, it will be difficult for IT applicants to land a job at a firm that continues to use SQL Server 2008. 

Even if they participate in a program that gives them the skills needed to configure SQL Server 2013, IT professionals may not necessarily know how to manage older editions of the database tools. If this is the case, they might not be the best candidate for a hiring manager looking for someone to keep tabs on legacy systems.

Understanding the various SQL products from Microsoft is beneficial for any industry professional interested in working with databases and servers. With cloud technologies and big data proliferation creating more enterprise data than ever before, the demand for database management personnel is likely to increase.

Although there are newer versions of SQL Server on the market, some businesses may not have the capital to invest in such upgrades, meaning they need to make due with older platforms. For this reason, Microsoft training for SQL Server 2008 is a worthy investment. 

In fact, Benjamin Roussey of TrainSignal noted that IT hiring managers like to see certifications on applicants' resumes. He indicated that multiple certifications show CIOs that an individual is a dedicated professional willing to invest in their own development. As a result, participating in IT certifications can make an IT applicant more attractive to managers and executives. 

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