Robert Half: Microsoft SQL Server skills boost salaries

15 November 2013

SQL training may be one of the most worthwhile investments modern IT professionals in the United States can make. A recent report from Robert Half Technologies found that IT managers put a premium on industry workers with the skills necessary to manage Microsoft SQL Server databases. 

The increased use of big data analytics and cloud computing has made information storage and management an essential aspect of quality IT operations in many industries. As a result, salaries for database professionals have been increasing across the U.S. 

According to the source, the average salary for U.S.-based database managers will increase 5.9 percent next year. Moreover, pay rates for business intelligence analysts will spike by 7.4 percent in 2014. In fact, of the 10 database-centric positions analyzed in the Robert Half report, all are predicted to see average salary increases of at least 5.3 percent. 

However, some database skills could further boost the annual salaries for IT professionals, the source found. The presence of a Microsoft certification for SQL Server could be enough for IT managers to boost an applicant's pay by as much as 10 percent. 

Technology-related professions are proving to be some of the most lucrative positions in the U.S. Robert Half indicated that while all salaries across the country will see an overall jump of 3.7 percent, tech-focused positions will increase 5.6 percent. The fact that so many database roles are seeing robust growth is an indication of the long-term job security that possessing SQL skills may provide for today's IT professionals. 

SQL Server use on the rise
Microsoft SQL Server is one of the most popular database tools currently on the market. A recent Gartner report placed Microsoft in the leaders' quadrant in the global Operational Database Management Systems market. Only four of the 19 analyzed tech vendors were placed in the top tier. 

Showing just how reliant modern businesses are on Microsoft products is the fact that a recent Symantec report found 56 percent of organizations plan to adopt Windows Server 2012 at some point. Of those, 67 percent intend to leverage the software to host Microsoft SQL Server instances.

By participating in SQL Server 2012 training programs, IT professionals in the U.S. will enhance their chances for landing a lucrative job in a number of industries. One of the most advanced database management suites, SQL Server 2012 will enable tech workers to create some of the most sophisticated database instances possible.  

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