Microsoft certification courses beneficial for data center jobs

9 October 2013

Enterprise data centers are becoming more popular in the modern business world, and with the right Microsoft training, IT professionals can be poised for roles in the growing sector. 

According a recent study of the data center industry by the Uptime Institute, a number of global data center markets are increasing their overall budgets this year. The source reported that 32 percent of all North American data center budgets have increased by at least 10 percent in 2013. This shows just how significant the market is becoming in the data storage field. 

Traditional infrastructure options are giving way to the more modern solutions that are easy to integrate with the increasingly popular cloud systems of today. In a time when North American IT operations are seeing budgets slashed, data centers represent a growing technology for industry professionals to rely on. 

Getting certified
Specific certifications for data centers are relatively new, but they are certainly available. A number of tech vendors have created data center courses, including Microsoft. 

In fact, TechTarget recently reported that the growth of cloud services and data centers has forced a number of certification outlets to create programs for these technologies to take advantage of the need for education in this regard. 

The source did note that there is growing need for soft skills in the IT world, as businesses are starting to realize that technology is becoming a main driver of innovation. As a result, executives are requiring more from their IT departments than ever before. Even so, TechTarget stated that IT certifications are still highly valued by enterprise leaders, showing that the right credentials will always have value. 

Quality data center management calls for a professional who is as business savvy as they are technically proficient. Modern data centers are extremely complex infrastructures and many major ones continue to expand, which has only increased the responsibilities of center managers. 

For this reason, participating in the right training is extremely important. Fortunately, busy IT professionals interested in Microsoft certification courses related to data center configuration can access classes online. These programs offer flexible schedules and many are guaranteed to run, which means trainees won't lose money by having a class canceled at the last minute due to a low sign-up rate. In some cases, these online classes could help tech workers land data center jobs down the road. 

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