MCSA certification a stepping stone to more advanced Microsoft training

30 August 2013

Microsoft certification courses have long been seen by many IT managers as a valuable credential for job candidates to hold. Despite some critics speculating that they are losing their value, that sentiment appears to be invalid. In fact, Biz Tech Magazine reported that IT certifications are stronger than ever, giving young industry workers a clear path to developing their professional skills. 

The source classified the Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA) certification as one of the few evergreen qualifications offered by tech companies, as they are always in demand. In particular, investing in MCSA courses is particularly worthwhile because it arms IT workers with a number of useful entry-level skills they may need to gain a foothold in the industry. From there, industry staffers can obtain intermediate and expert level certifications for a wide range of technologies and trends with the right Microsoft training

Having the right certifications on one's resume can open the doors to better jobs and higher salaries, the source stated. In fact, data suggests that hiring IT managers are more likely to be receptive to applicants that are highly certified. 

IT leaders value certifications
Microsoft cited data from a CompTIA study that found 86 percent of hiring tech managers prioritize IT certifications during the applicant analysis process. What this fact shows is that IT professionals should be willing and ready to take as many certification courses as they can. Because so many are specific, it's necessary to participate in different classes in order to harbor a diverse skill set that can help IT workers land jobs in a number of different fields. 

In fact, Microsoft also highlighted a survey from SolarWinds that found 60 percent of IT network professionals stated that certifications helped them get a new job in the industry, proving that the right Microsoft training course can be a cost-effective way to boost career prospects. 

There are a variety of learning options for IT workers, but online courses may be the most convenient. Able to be accessed from remote locations, web-based programs offer employees flexible schedules that they can fit around their busy work day. 

Another perk of these courses is that many are guaranteed to run, meaning that they will kick off even if just one person signs up for the class. With such a high value being placed on IT certifications, online learning seems to be a no brainer. 

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