Report: Microsoft certification courses becoming more valuable

15 August 2013

Microsoft certification courses have always been a solid indicator of IT proficiency. However, the value of the various credentials offered by the software giant appears to be increasing, with tech jobs in high demand. 

Research recently conducted by Foote Partners found that the market value for IT certifications spiked during the second quarter of 2013. The source noted that the overall value of architecture and project management related certificates jumped by 1.8 percent between April and July. During that same period, database certifications went up 1.5 percent, while security certifications added value at the rate of 1.4 percent. In fact, of the eight industry segments analyzed, just one saw a decrease in certification values during the most recent quarter. 

Microsoft training value improves
During the past several months, some Microsoft certification courses have been become much more coveted throughout the industry. Foote Partners reported that a pair of the company's system administration certificates increased their market values by at least 10 percent in the last quarter. 

According to the source, Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert and Microsoft Certified Solutions Master certificates saw double digit percentage point growth during the second quarter of this year. 

With network configurations becoming more complex in the modern business world, it's easy to see why Microsoft's system administration courses are becoming increasingly useful. More employees are working from home or using personal devices in the office than ever before, which has increased the need to have IT professionals in-house who are capable of managing complicated network platforms. The shifting workplace paradigm will likely accelerate further in the coming months and years as network technology becomes more innovative. 

Cloud education is a smart investment 
IT certifications for cloud services are also becoming more common. The proliferation of enterprise cloud solutions has created a spike in cloud-related jobs, meaning more industry professionals are trying to learn as much as they can about the cloud. 

The Washington Post reported that data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics indicated that 3,600 jobs related to cloud computing were created in July alone. In fact, computer system design positions are predicted to grow at an annual rate of 3.9 percent until 2020, significantly higher than the 1.3 percent average for all other industries. 

By taking a Microsoft training course related to cloud or network support, IT job-seekers can obtain reputable certifications that are trusted across all industries. Such classes can be taken online, so busy industry professionals can learn and enhance their skill sets on their own time. 

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