Survey: IT employees value development and training opportunities

6 August 2013

In the modern IT world, trends and technologies are constantly changing, which means industry professionals need to train and develop their skills an at increasingly accelerated rate. Even current server room employees can benefit from additional training programs that are trusted across a number of industries, such as Microsoft certification courses

In fact, the majority of IT workers are attracted to companies that allow them to develop their skills while on payroll. A survey recently conducted by Robert Half Technology found that 68 percent of IT employees say the ability to train and obtain new skills while working is an important factor when analyzing job openings, according to Network World. 

The proliferation of IT products and processes has worried many in the industry, as the source reported that 64 percent of survey respondents are concerned about their skills staying current in the next three to five years. 

Experts with Robert Half stated that the best way to keep IT employees happy is to invest in solid training programs. By paying for certification classes or Microsoft training classes, workers will feel that executives and IT managers are looking out for their long-term success. 

"If employees seek (or already hold) industry certifications, consider reimbursing them for the costs to obtain and maintain them," officials with Robert Half recommended to Network World. 

Also, Robert Half officials suggested that corporate leaders should be willing to adjust workers' schedules to let them to train. For smaller companies or businesses that rely heavily on quality IT services, this may not be a viable option. However, by investing in online courses, enterprises can allow their employees to access necessary classes to obtain certifications from the home or office at any time, making it fast and convenient for workers to grow their skill sets. 

Online fits IT industry
IT professionals are the perfect candidates for online training, the Sun Herald argued. Since industry workers are already comfortable working with computers, it's a practical medium for tech employees to learn on. 

Also, the source noted that since it can be difficult to fit traditional classroom courses into a learning setup, online classes provide flexible solutions, as such training exercises can be accessed at any time, allowing students to work at their own pace. For busy IT professionals, this can be the ideal way to learn without having to reshuffle daily routines. 

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